Welcome to Lanbruk Gunyah

Lanbruk has been the property name for the Enders Family for over 50 years. The location has moved from time to time as Don’s vision for a rural lifestyle changed. Carrs Peninsula has been home to Lanbruk now for over 29 years, and in that time only organic farming practices have been used. We gained A Grade Organic certification in 1996 prior to the planting of the first Olive tree.

A mere 60 acres of farming land offers plentiful feed for 50 head of Charbray breeders and vealers for organic beef; Dorper sheep that trim the grass around the olive trees; alpacas for their fleece; Anglo-nubian goats for their milk; traditional breeds of chickens for their eggs and meat; ducks; and, our ever present resident peacocks who will splay their tail feathers to ensure they catch your eye.

Lanbruk was originally a beef property. Carrs Peninsula Olives began in 1996 when Don diversified into Olives to supplement an income from the land and in later years a growing interest in all things ‘old’ saw the creation of the ‘flagship’ attraction of the property – Lanbruk’s Gunyah.

Don and Dorothy do an amazing job managing the farm, providing excellent quality produce for the local markets, as well as opening their pride and joy, the Museum, to the public. Their passion for the land and animals is evident as you drive up the road, and see all the animals happily grazing in their organic environment. Their combined knowledge is exceptional and they are only too willing to share it with you on your visit to Lanbruk’s Gunyah.