Carrs Peninsula Olives

Carrs Peninsula Olives was established at Lanbruk in 1996 on fertile alluvial soil between the banks of the Clarence River and Carr’s Creek.

The 400 olive trees of mixed varietals, including kalamata, manzanillo, mediterranean, and frantoio, provide ample fruit for Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Table Olives, produced using traditional Mediterranean methods.

The Olive Trees thrive with the organic farming methods, that include regular mulching and pruning, to ensure there is always lots of new growth, to promote flowering in order to produce lots of good fruit. The trees will flower around September with small fruit beginning to appear on the trees around November. Towards the end of February and March the green fruit starts to show shades of purple, they are then ready for picking. All fruit is handpicked; this involves all hands on deck, ladders, and a lot of picking pouches.

To promote freshness and the best quality oil, the freshly picked olives are taken 600 metres to the barn for sorting and then processing. A fully imported Olive Press is utilised to give the best quality Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil. There is also no waste, the pulp of the fruit is used as mulch and as fertiliser for the grazing paddocks for the sheep, alpacas and cattle.

And of course let’s not forget the Table Olives!

These specially selected olives are picked a few weeks earlier. Again, all hands are on deck for this job so as not to bruise and damage our precious olives. They are then sorted and prepared to be pickled using the Mediterranean Brine method. After a few months they will be ready to be bottled into jars for sale, some will be natural flavours and others will have locally grown organic herbs added to them for extra flavour, bite or punch!

The Relishes, Chutneys and Spreads are original recipes of Dorothy’s and utilise the fruit that just didn’t make the cut for the Table Olives. They may have some marks on them or be odd shapes, just some of the things that makes organic produce a little different.

Please understand that as olives are seasonal, not all products will be available all year round. We do however try our best to provide good quality olives to our customers on a regular basis.